GRC Emergency Learning Plan

Virtual Office Hours: 

Teachers will be “live,” which means available for communication and immediate feedback during the days and times listed below. You may contact a teacher outside of these hours through email, Schoology messenger, or designated learning management system. Teachers have been asked to respond to any messages outside of their office hours within 24 hours.


Class Days




Ms. Durkin

Mr. Jackson

Ms. LeCroy

Ms. Torres

Mrs. Babkov

Dr. Green


Mr. Fabian

Ms. Gau

Mrs. Liebau

Ms. Mainor

Mrs. Rasmussen

Mr. Robinson


Ms. Bissell

Mrs. Cannon

Ms. Ciceraro

Mr. Keith

Dr. Mante

Ms. Matulis

Mr. Ward


Ms. Eichner

Ms. Jones

Mr. Robinson

Ms. Wanzong

Mrs. Calkins

Mrs. Gonzales

Mrs. Hyman

Ms. Rivera


Mrs. Bucholz

Mrs. Warunek

Mrs. Dobak

Mr. Underwood

Mrs. Robinson

Student Services: 

Ms. Miller is available to support our students with non-instructional needs between the hours of 12:00 and 2:00. She is also available by appointment; please complete the Google Form on her Schoology page to schedule a time. You may contact her through email or Schoology message if you have a concern or issue that needs attention.


Technology Support:


Our Instructional Technology Specialists, Technology Support Technician, and Library Media Specialists are available to support technology and media questions or concerns.


Rob Etheridge [email protected]

Jennifer Blais [email protected]

Antwanette Dean [email protected]

Michelle Jacobs [email protected]

Susan Catlett [email protected]

Tiffany Balmer [email protected]


Use this link for a complete listing of Green Run Collegiate staff emails.