What is IB

An IB World School

Providing an IB education for all
Middle Years Program       *           Diploma Program             *          Career-Related Program


      Receiving an International Baccalaureate education has always focused on providing students a rigorous course of study that is engaging and internationally-minded. So, what makes an IB education different and unique at Green Run Collegiate?



  • Provides all its students an International Baccalaureate education

  • Entitles every GRC student to an enriching, challenging, and globally-minded curriculum  


  • Allows Green Run Collegiate to be more innovative with how learning takes place

  • Focuses on inventive and creative ways to ensure learning is relevant and meaningful

  • Develops unique experiences that allow students to better appreciate and value an IB education

  • Establishes opportunities where students collaborate with college staff, work on interdisciplinary projects, and apply their knowledge to real world situations


  • Offers all three high school IB programs: Middle Years Program, Diploma Program and Career-Related Program

  • Enables students to have the freedom to decide their IB education in the eleventh and twelfth grade years

    • Diploma Candidate- pursuing the IB Diploma

    • Diploma Course Candidate- taking IB classes without pursing the Diploma

    • Career-Related Candidate- taking IB classes and earning industry certification at either the Advanced Technology Center or the Technical and Career Education CenterGRC's International Baccalaureate Programe