GRC Academic Honesty Policy


Academic Honesty Policy

The Green Run Collegiate (GRC) Academic Honesty Policy embodies the GRC mission statement, the policies of Virginia Beach City Public Schools and the policies outlined in the International Baccalaureate Academic Honesty guide published in 2009. The guide is available to all stakeholders at 

Green Run Collegiate believes that academic honesty is a key characteristic for all IB students in the Middle Years program, the Diploma program, and the Career-related program. As they go through these programs, they should embrace the attributes of the IB Learner Profile. Accordingly, IB students strive to be principled in all aspects of their lives. defines integrity as, “adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.”


Of particular concern as determined by the IB is malpractice where a student gains unfair advantage by having participated in one of the following:

  • Plagiarism:
    • using another person's words or work as one's own
    • paraphrasing the work of another and not citing the source
  • Collusion:
    • allowing a student to submit another student's work in whole or part as his or her own
    • collaborating with a peer to assist in his or her success when the assessment is designed to measure an individual's understanding or content, skills and key concepts
  • Duplication of Work:
    • submitting the same work for multiple assessments
  • Other Example Forms of Malpractice:
    • taking unauthorized material into a testing situation
    • copying another student's work
    • stealing exams

When to Cite Sources:

  • When you quote directly from the source:
    • "All animals are equal" is one of the original Seven Commandments in Animal Farm (Orwell 25).
  • When you paraphrase, summarize, or otherwise include someone else's ideas into your work. Even though you may not be using their exact words, you should give credit to their idea.
    • The animal characters in George Orwell's Animal Farm originally intended to emphasize equality among all animals.
  • Anytime you find a fact, data, or visual (image or graphs) that you want to use in your work.

Types of Citation:

  • In-text citation:  This occurs when a person cites a source within the body of writing. It is intended to help the reader easily find the original source in your bibliography or works cited page.
  • Works cited:  A document where only resources that have been directly referred to and cited in the paper are listed.
  • Bibliography:  A document where all the materials consulted during the preparation of the paper are listed, not just the resources that are cited within the text.

Student Support:

  • Teachers will facilitate understanding of common misconceptions regarding intellectual property.
  • GRC teachers, the librarian and the computer resource teacher will instruct students in the proper citation conventions regarding a variety of resources.
  • All work submitted must utilize the Modern Language Association (MLA) conventions. Copies of the MLA Handbook are available at GRC and is also available online. There are also many programs the support MLA conventions to include websites such as and, as well as Microsoft Word, which is available to all students at GRC.
  • Students may choose to submit their work to an Internet-based online plagiarism program such as or When used as a student resource, these programs may provide guidance to students and identify possible problems with the work prior to submission.
  • Personal Project and Extended Essay mentors will guide students when issues of paraphrasing and proper citation are an issue.

Academic Honesty Violations:

Any student who commits an act of malpractice may be subject to one or more of the following by GRC:
  • Discipline consequence to include In-School-Suspension
Any student who commits an act of malpractice may be subject to one or more of the following by the International Baccalaureate:
  • Loss of grade in subject; however certificates may be earned in other subjects
  • A student may retake the exam on year later if there are no other incidents of malpractice noted by the IB
  • Loss of the Diploma or Career-related Certificate

Academic Honesty Agreement:

All students must sign an Academic Honesty Agreement prior to entering Green Run Collegiate. Additionally, students will sign a cover sheet stating that they have committed no act of malpractice nor intend to on specific assessments as deemed appropriate by the teaching staff or by the IB.

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