Career-related Programme

Career-related Programme

The International Baccalaureate Career-related Program (IBCP) enables students to enroll in IB Diploma Program (DP) courses while pursuing a career-related study. In addition to these classes, students must also successfully complete the IBCP core, consisting of the personal and professional skills class, service learning, language development and the reflective project. Integrating the rigorous curriculum of DP with career-related courses helps students prepare to work and live in the 21st century by:

· Engaging them in learning that makes a positive difference

· Helping them to think critically and creatively in a rapidly-changing and global workplace

· Giving them the affective skills to become self-confident people who are resilient and flexible

(The Career-Related Certificate, IBO, 2012)

Upon the completion of this program, students can earn college credit (depending on how high a score they earn on the DP exams) as well as industry certification from their chosen career-related path.

Green Run Collegiate is partnering with the Advanced Technology Center, the Technical and Education Center, as well as the Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk so that students can have the choice of participating in the IB Career-related Program.

IB Career-related Programme

The IBCP core

In addition to the Diploma Program and Career-related courses, IBCP students must successfully complete the four core areas of the Career-Related Program: Personal and Professional Skills, Service Learning, Language Development and the Reflective Project.

 Personal and Professional Skills- This required course develops students’ transferable skills so that they may apply what they have learned into the real world. In this class, students continue to study how to become   better communicators, problem solvers and collaborators. They also delve into the ethical issues of their career-related study.

Service Learning- Student continue to explore the intrinsic rewards of helping others through this aspect of the core.

During this time, students will be provided with opportunities that help them understand how the skills they have

learned in both their DP and ATC classes are relevant and important to the community. Having students undertake these

experiences will help them develop “local knowledge, civic responsibility, social aptitude and personal growth.” (Core Guide, IBO, 2012)

Language Development- As in the Middle Years Program, students registered for the Career Program will study

another language in order to become more  internationally-aware. Students can choose to prolong their studies in the

foreign language they have already studied, or, if they have fulfilled graduation requirements, choose IBCC language

development class created specifically for this program.


Language Development Student Resources:

IBCP Language Portfolio Student Packet

Reflective Project- Throughout their time in the program, students will complete a project that has them identify,

analyze, discuss and evaluate an ethical dilemma stemming from their career-related study. Students may submit this

project in different formats, and they are expected to spend at least 40 hours completing it, both inside and outside

the classroom.


Reflective Project Student Resources:

Reflective Project Student Packet