School Grading Practices

Green Run Collegiate Grading and Evaluation Practices


Grading Categories

  1. “Practice” assignments are 10% of the total grade. One example of a practice assignment could include homework.
  2. “In-process” assignments are 30% of the total grade. One example of an in-process assignment could include a short answer prompt.
  3. “Summative” assignments are 60% of the total grade. One example of a summative assignment could include a unit exam.

Late Work

  1. Green Run Collegiate defines late work as any assignment submitted past the deadline.
  2. A late assignment submitted by the next class will result in a 20% deduction from its overall grade.
  3. A missing assignment must be completed prior to the end of the current unit to avoid receiving a zero. In the case that a missing assignment is due at the end of a unit, the due date of the late assignment will then be extended to one week after the close of the unit; assignments submitted the next class will receive a 20% deduction, and assignments submitted afterwards, within the one week timespan, will receive credit as determined by the teacher.
  4. Late grades will not be eligible for a recovery grade. Please review the “Academic Support” section for further details.

Make Up Work

  1. Per division attendance policy, students will be allowed to make up all assignments that affect the course grade. Students who are absent and elect to turn in make-up work will need to communicate with their teacher(s) in regard to missing assignments.
  2. Green Run Collegiate defines make up work as graded tasks assigned or due on the day of absence. It is the student's responsibility to make up assignments within a reasonable amount of time through collaboration with the teacher.
  3. Assignments that are due during the school day should be submitted prior to a field trip in order to avoid a late penalty.


  1. Teachers will implement the use of a zero for a missing assignment. This will be reflected immediately in the gradebook when an assignment is missing.
  2. If a missing assignment is not turned in by the end of the unit, the grade will remain a zero.

Extra Credit

  1. Extra credit is available to students only if all work is completed.
  2. Green Run Collegiate defines extra credit as enrichment to extend student understanding.
  3. Extra credit is optional for teachers to implement.


Academic Support

Academic Intervention

Recovery Grade

Missing Assignment Report

  • Academic Intervention is a three hour session once a week that allows students the opportunity to make-up missing work prior to the conclusion of a unit.
  • This session is assigned to the student once one or more significant assignments are missing. The teacher will decide what is significant in his/her respective class.
  • Submission of a late assignment prior to the academic intervention session will excuse the student from attending it.
  • Failure to submit the significant assignment by the conclusion of the next class meeting may result in a significant point deduction or a zero.
  • A recovery grade replaces in-process grades lower than a 70% with the grade of the culminating summative within a unit.
  • The recovery grade is earned when the student demonstrates an upward trend of understanding throughout the unit, as determined by the teacher.
  • The teacher identifies the culminating summative assessment of the unit, as well as the number of in-process grades that are assigned to that assessment.
  • Only in-process assignments that have been submitted on time are eligible for the recovery grade.
  • The recovery grade will never negatively affect a student’s overall grade.
  • A missing assignment report is given to identified students prior to the end of the unit so that they may have the opportunity to receive credit for any missing assignments.
  • Missing assignments must be completed prior to the end of the current unit to avoid receiving a zero.
  • Although at least a 20% deduction is required for all missing assignments, it is the teacher’s discretion as to the kind of credit the student will ultimately receive by the end of the unit.



Questions or concerns?

Should you have questions regarding grading practices, please contact the school directly.